We are the go-to marketing agency for entrepreneurs who published a book.

We will help you generate leads, automate systems, build a tribe, and grow your business.

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Grow Your Business With Your Book

🛑The Problem Authors Face:

Let me guess, you wrote a book but it isn't converting into dollars, right? Yeah, we saw it too many times. Entrepreneurs would publish their books and then have no clue how to market them properly. Books wouldn't convert to leads or opportunities. If they did market the book, they had to duct-tape too many systems, processes, and people together from different companies. This would end in failure. Confusion, chaos, and mass hysteria would result.

🟢The Solution We Created:

We had enough of the nonsense, so we built a one-stop-shop for everything book related. That means we provide all of our clients a custom CRM (Client Resource Management) software program that handles all their contacts, book fulfillment, emails, text messages, workflows, courses, masterminds, and payment processing. We then implement targeted ads that boost leads immediately. Afterwards, fine tune automation for easy scalability. Then, we help clients get on podcasts, run press releases, and grow their social media --- all under one roof. One agency manager meets with the clients on a monthly basis to ensure all metrics are being hit. Simple, clean, and effective. Peace, prosperity, and freedom are a result.

About Mike Fallat

Mike, aka BOOKMAN, is the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing & The Million Dollar Book Agency. His life changed at the age of 22 when he read, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki.

That is when he decided to become an entrepreneur. Through many failed attempts and going severely into debt, he finally found his way. He escaped the corporate world, started a direct-to-home dog product service, and broke free from the chains of society. So, he decided to put his lessons and stories into a book for the world to read. Within a very short amount of time, the book led to speaking gigs, new levels of credibility, and a newfound ability to assemble a tribe.

This spawned the idea of a book creation service specifically for entrepreneurs. Since that day in 2016, Dreamstarters Publishing is responsible for 300+ Bestselling Books for entrepreneurs all over the world. The company's growth led to investing in an agency that was 100% geared towards helping authors scale their businesses. That is when the Million Dollar Book Agency was born. When Mike is not working, he is usually riding motorcycles, driving muscle cars, running around the lake, laughing at people who trust the media, and/or listening to 80s music.

What We Offer

Website & Funnel Builds

Crafted for optimal sales conversions, our websites are more than just digital real estate. Every build includes hosting and ensures ADA compliance, guaranteeing accessibility while driving results. Elevate your online journey with us.

As an agency, we provide our clients with High Level CRM drag and drop web development.

All-in-one Automated Marketing

Harness the power of cutting-edge AI with our all-in-one AI chatbot, automated social media posting optimizer, SEO powerhouse automated marketing package. Perfect for just starting out, or when you need to introduce a new service. Designed to engage, assist, and convert, this program enhances user experience around the clock.

Full Podcast Production Services

Elevate your podcasting journey with our comprehensive production suite. From video editing and captivating graphics to seamless publishing, we've got you covered. Plus, benefit from tailored social media clips and accompanying blog posts to maximize your reach and impact.

Virtual Assistant Services

Simplify your operations with our managed virtual assistant services. No need to train, hire, or replace—leave it all to us. Our team ensures you receive top-tier support tailored to your needs, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Experience efficiency, managed seamlessly by us.

Customized Automation

Streamline your operations with our tailored automation and workflows. From timely emails to seamless appointment scheduling, we design systems that work intuitively for you. Experience efficiency, personalized to your brand's unique rhythm and needs.

Done-For-You Ads Management

Amplify your online presence with our expert ads management across Facebook and Instagram. We craft targeted campaigns to drive substantial traffic to your digital assets, ensuring your brand captures attention and converts effectively. Let us be the driving force behind your online success.

Email / Text Blasts with Tracking

Unlock unparalleled reach with our email campaigns, tapping into a vast 150 million-person opt-in database. Hyper-target your audience based on income, location, buying habits, interests, occupation, and countless other segments. With our precision targeting, your message lands right where it matters most.

Full Service CRM

Make informed decisions with our robust analytics and reporting tools. High Level CRM provides real-time insights into your sales pipeline, customer interactions, and overall business performance, allowing you to pivot and adapt strategies for maximum success.

Becoming a Thought Leader

Elevate your brand to thought leadership with our comprehensive suite of offerings. From meticulously crafted courses and engaging workshops to insightful webinars and exclusive memberships, we lay the foundation for your expertise to shine. Dive into our coaching services and more, and position yourself at the forefront of your industry. With us, your voice doesn't just echo—it leads.

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We are the go-to marketing agency for entrepreneurs who published a book.

We will help you generate leads, automate systems, build a tribe, and grow your business.

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